Moosehead Retrievers is a full service training facility. I train dogs to any level start to finish but I prefer to specialize in puppy training.

I love puppies and love training them. They are so eager to learn and progress quickly. I think puppies start off naturally doing things the right way. It's only when they get a little older and start thinking more that they find other ways to do things like avoid factors such as terrain and cover. So I start them off young teaching them to drive through cover, angle across ditches and roads etc. Basically teaching them all age or finished dog concepts on a very tiny scale and ingraining them before they are smart enough to think of ways around them. The pup in the video above is 3 months old and demonstrates the advantages of learning things early. Pup in the video below is 10 weeks. I have always said I can train my own dogs better than a clients dog and that is because they have been through my puppy program and taught the right way from the start and not allowed to learn bad habits.

I also want to stress the fact that all puppies I raise fit well into their new homes when they are done and bond quickly with their owners.





Puppies 7 weeks to 4 months  $450 per month


4 months and up $550


I recommend a 2 month minimum but prefer 3. Anything less is a waste of your money and my time.


I also do boarding at $17 a day. Your dog will not just sit in a kennel when boarded. He will have the opportunity to get out and retrieve some birds.